Resin jewelry handmade and beaded jewelry made in France


 rollier girl resin ring

Welcome to you!

I make my jewelry with passion and love I present here pieces of my collection:

The jewelry and accessories in epoxy resin (rings, earrings, bracelet, diorama, necklace, bars and key chains:

Each piece of epoxy resin jewelry was designed in different stages:

Installation of the product 

Casting of the resin two components manual

Drying of the resin piece for about 12 hours (more if several colors)


Sanding on sand sponges of different grades (4)


Necklaces, bracelets and straps 

They are all multicolored or multi pearl:

candy beads glossy ,candy hearts with glitter ,shiny and transparent stars small and large ,rabbits ,cats ,ducks ,airplanes ,motorcycles cars ,candy beads ,lollipops ,acrylic parrots ,golden fruits mixed with other plastics ,mother of pearl palm tree ,golden ladybug on its flower ,grigris shamrock ,smiley ,enamelled ice ,Christmas or Halloween characters and so many others.

Long as the chromatic 

Short like the Halloween necklace boo orange, or long necklaces modular surf tropical heishis and pony and their pretty enamel 

Long necklace adjustable belt or multi-turn bracelets or phone jewelry like the Mambo that you will find in the jewelry phones.

  1. Each piece of jewelry is sent in a gift package and a careful packaging and a tracking number postal.

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