Resin bangles with cute inclusion inside handmade in France


Unique resin bangle handmade 

The bracelets are made of transparent and coloured epoxy resin with various inclusions.

  1. Each step required several days of work:
  • Choice and placement of the product 
  • Manual casting of the two-component resin
  • Drying time of about 12 hours 
  • Manual sanding of the jewel on sand sponges of different grades
  • (4)handmadePolishing 


The bracelets :

  1. The dioramas are like walking postcards including miniature in the jewel and create a unique tale: summer landscape and surfers, paddle with shark, Halloween night and its cult monsters under the amused eyes of the gargoyle ...
  2. The colors are tie and dye of degraded colours, bicolored or tri-colored bracelets as well as rainbow declinations the Colors are filled with tiny and cute wonders: candies, hearts, small animals in pastel shades, or mixes golden chains, sequins, rhinestones, confetti, brooch and all that I can find of pretty and fun 
  3. the harpies represent all that is popular and shiny like the cinema, the muses, the rhinestones, the multi bracelets Bollywood style etc 

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